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  Oliver, 4.5 months Male Maltese/Chihuahua  Mix

Oliver is an adorably playful 4.5 month old male pup who was turned in by a senior who bought him for a companion and then realized he's not quite a lap dog yet (he has a few years to go). He is definitely a big dog in a small dog's body. Not afraid of anyone or anything. Tries (in vain) to jump on the chair or the bed, tackles stuffed animals three times his size. Loves to play with his toys. He's an excellent eater - not the least bit anxious or fearful in his new environment. He is an energetic little puppy who needs a stay-at-home or work-from-home as he is too small to stay alone by himself. He's too little (5#) for toddlers or small children and might grow up to be too feisty for them, but he would be a great companion for someone who wants an entertaining, but energetic little dog. Kids 10 and up would probably be fine. He's too young to neuter just yet. Available now once we receive your application first. We have weekend hours and will see applicants by appointment during the week.