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  Blossom, 1 year Female Lab  Mix
Blossom Blossom

Update: Blossom is ADOPTED!!!! Much thanks to her amazing foster mom, Diane Broderick, Blossom is flourishing in her new adoptive home. She has a brother and a family who loves her very much! This is an amazing success story. Her history: Blossom came up to MA with her siblings Koko, Sawyer, and Twinkle. They were brought into rescue at 9 weeks old in rural TN. She has been in a foster home since September when we took her in because of her extreme fearfulness of everything. At first she was afraid to go outside. We treated her with a homeopathic remedy and she had a major breakthrough so now goes in and out with ease. She is still frightened of sudden movements with people, so needs a very gentle quiet home with a fenced in back yard. We require the fence because of her fearfulness, and she would be difficult to catch if she were to escape. She is very comfortable with other dogs so would be a great friend for another dog. She likes children and is gentle with quiet ones. She is house-broken and crate trained. We will show her in her foster home in West Roxbury, MA. She will not be attending the Meet and Greet, and is best seen in her foster home environment. The ideal adopter would be someone who has successfully rehabilitated fearful dogs in the past and who has the right expectations. Traveling is traumatic for her, as is any change in the environment, but we had recently switched her to this new foster home and she has made some positive improvements. We're working with a trainer/behaviorist who is helping with positive reinforcement training. She is responding very well. She can be seen in her foster home in W. Roxbury.