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  Tucker, 1 year Male Golden/Lab/Chow  Mix
Tucker Tucker

Tucker is a one year old neutered male Golden/Lab/Chow mix. Tucker is shy with people at first but once he warms up he is the sweetest dog. He loves belly rubs and being scratched behind the ears. He is great in the house and will lay next to you for pets or play, play, play with you. Tucker loves his dog bed and sleeps with his head on his teddy bear, it's the cutest thing. He likes to "hold hands" with you. Tucker is wonderful with all other dogs and loves to play. He is great on leash and loves his daily walks. Tucker is housetrained, he is learning how to ring the bells on a back door to go outside. He knows how to sit and how to give you his paw. Tucker is very cute deserves a good home. All he wants is to be loved and to give love. Tucker lost his home when his 80 year old owner slipped and fell, so could no longer take care of him. Tucker has arrived and has a clean bill of health. Tucker will be at the meet and greet on Saturday, March 21 or can be seen by private appointment in his foster home once your application is recieved on other days.