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  Snuggles, DOB 12-8-08 Female Lab/Cattle  Mix
Snuggles Snuggles

Snuggles was born to Ava on 12-8-08, but adopted by Shawnda, the yorkie mix several days later. Snuggles had rolled off the blanket and was cold, so the foster mom brought her into the bathroom to warm her up and when Shawnda (who had lost a pup) heard it, she came running in to rescue her baby. She took her, nursed her, and wouldn't let the foster mom take her back to put with her original mom, Ava. So Snuggles thinks that Shawnda is her mom and Peanuts and Precious are her sisters. They all get along like one happy family. Snuggles should be a dog who can coexist with smaller dogs. They are adorable and spoiled! They were also born here at my house and have never been fed anything but holistic food and organic broth. She plays with balls, stuffed toys, rope toys, Nylabones and squeaky toys. Snuggles is SO excited when she gets a new toy....especially the stuffed ones. She is just now beginning to want to see what the toys are made of and are ripping them to shreds! She has always slept in a dog bed and thinks a blanket is just a giant puppy pad. Arrival 3/4/09 and availability 3/6/09.