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  Prince, 6-7 months Male Pit Bull Terrier

Prince is a Save A Dog favorite amongs all our volunteers. He is the most loving, friendly, playful, good-natured 7 month old Pitbull we've ever met. He's an ambassador for the breed. And he must have had an awful life before he was found wandering the streets of Boston with a gash in his neck and cuts on his body. The vets who rescued him adored him too and he was even welcomed into the cat room by the cats at the vet clinic where he was neutered. He is gentle with cats and dogs and is a real sweetheart of a dog. He can't tell us what happened to him, but doesn't seem to hold it against his human caretakers. He is now with us at Save a Dog and in a foster home....this is the report on him: He is incredibly smart, already loves going into his crate ( still whines, but goes right in if I point to it), is housebroken, gets along with all other dogs, comes when called , knows "leave it" and has learned "sit" in one day. He is well on his way with "stay" and "wait", too. This is a dog for someone who wants a lap and cuddle dog ( anyone familiar with pitties should already know this) as he wants to be on my lap snoring away any chance he gets.... A home with children 10 and up or with single adults, would be best for him. He has a little separation anxiety, understandably so. He's just a baby and needs his people around to take care of him.