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  Junebug, ~1 year old Female Plotthound  Mix

Junebug is a beautiful dog and boy is she a character. She has the Plotthound markings, but either a coonhound or Bloodhound personality as she is so comical. She is really going to make someone laugh out loud at her antics. We hope she gets a big place to run as she can run around outside, zig zagging like a bunny rabbit. A guy found her dumped up on Kate's Mountain in WV -- a favorite "dumping place" for dogs. She is good with other dogs and was great with the test cat, Figaro (he's real dog-savvy and knows a good dog). The man who rescued her has a big heart, but too many dogs. He said her only bad habit is getting into garbage, but she was thin and had probably gone without food for awhile by the time he found her. She doesn't bark in the house and is great with cats and other dogs. She likes to ride in the cab of the truck and she was gentle during her picture-taking. She's loves tomatoes! She likes to pull red ripe tomatoes off the vine and stand there and eat 'em. She is available as of 1/23/09.