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  Rayne, 3 years Female Jack Russell

Rayne is a 3 year old female Jack Russell who recently underwent emergency bladder surgery to remove several bladder stones that threatened her life. When she was suffering her ordeal she never made a sound, never cried out or anything. She just looked to us with her big brown eyes and asked for help. At first we thought it was a simple bladder infection and treated it as such, but she got worse and worse. We took her to an emergency vet hospital and they took an exray and said despite the fact that there were 3 bladder stones, it was not an emergency and sent her home. But her eyes told us otherwise, and we called Dr. Roman from MASH who offered to do the surgery that day. Thank God she did as there was a hidden fourth bladder stone that was blocking her urethra and causing great pain by cutting into her. There is more to the story that we will save for the adopter of this precious small dog who suffered silently while pleading to us with her big brown eyes. This is one very special dog and whoever adopts her needs to be kind and compassionate and gentle, as Rayne deserves at least as much. She is a small dog who loves to cuddle and will show you more of her personality once she is recovered from her ordeal. We're looking for a few sponsors for this precious dog. Much thanks to Dr. Roman of MASH for saving the day and the dog during a time when everyone else was too busy to help.