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  Grace, ~1 year old Female Lab  Mix

Grace is a 1 yr. old female Lab mix, already had a litter of pups. She only weighs about 40 lbs. Her temperament is very sweet and gentle. She really wants some one to love her, will practically climb in your lap to be petted. Walks on a leash, rides in the car just fine, loves to run and play , comes running as fast as she can when called. The foster mom from Tennessee says: "we walk everyday in the woods, she runs loose and does not run off, comes back when called. will go lay down when told. She gets along great now with my five other dogs, it did take a week or two for her to feel comfortable around a group of dogs. She does run along the fence when cars go by, so she may chase cars, and would need a fenced in yard or to be on leash at all times". She was rescued from the Animal Shelter minutes from being put to sleep. She slept in her foster mothers house in Tennessee for two months, uses a dog bed and a dog door, never tore anything up or had any bathroom accidents in the house. The puppy in the picture with her is not her own puppy, but Angelina. Since arriving in Massachusetts, we have learned she is exactly as described. Her foster mom here reports...She loves children and will give them nice, gentle hugs. She seems to be housetrained,as she sits by the door when she needs to go out. Grace enjoys playing with other dogs once she get used to them. She has gone on playdates with her foster mom and done really well! Everyone in the neighborhood is fallining love with her. She is a delightful, joyful and beautiful dog! She needs a warm lap in her forever home!