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  Fern, 10 weeks Female Mostly Mutt  Mix

Fern is one of a litter of five pups. Her mom is Lacey and is listed on our Web site. Like all of Lacey's pups, Fern is sweet, outgoing, gentle natured, loves to cuddle, loves big dogs and everyone she meets. Fern has distinguished herself by her climbing abilities. At seven weeks she scaled a 42" inch x-pen and when she got to the top she didn't fall over, she jumped; she also loves to climb beds, boxes, and laundry baskets. Fern is easy to fall in love with, very soft and vulnerable and she's prettier in person than in her pictures. Mama dog, Lacey is a true mutt, as are her puppies. We can see a little spaniel, possibly some whippet, some collie, you name it. They are adorable pups are are coming up during the Christmas break.