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  Bella, 2 years old Female Collie  Mix

Bella is a pretty 47 pound, two year old collie mix who was returned because some changes in the family household were not offering her enough exercise and in her excitement she was too much for the toddler. She is a lovely dog who loves doggy daycare, playing with other dogs, ignores cats, and has been through obedience training. She is not a chewer, does not get separation anxiety, but needs daily walks and exercise on a regular basis (she needs to take off a couple of pounds). Teens and up are required so that she gets enough exercise and attention. Update: We have a training class at Save A Dog and Bella participated in it. The trainer, who is VERY experienced, wanted to take her home. She was soooo willing to please and is very eager to learn. She would love any training a family wanted to do with her. SHE IS SPECIAL FOR SURE! Our process is for you to fill out an application online and then we will contact you with more information about her. Bella will not be at the meet and greets! She is in a foster home and we would be able to set up an appointment once an application is received