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  Boedi, 10 months Male Whippet/Beagle/Shepherd  Mix
Boedi Boedi

Update: Boedi is now up to 55 lbs so he grew. He was pretty thin when he was rescued so we just bumped him to a large breed dog. We had lots of applications for him, but the situation may change as he is larger than we originally thought. Boedi is a 10 month old, neutered, mixed breed WV dog. We're not sure of the breeds, but some Beagle or Shepherd as he has the black saddle. His owner is moving and can't take him. She's exhausted all efforts to place him before she moves and can't bear the thought of taking him to the county pound. Neutered and vaccinations are current, including rabies. Housebroken, sleeps inside. She puts him outside on a lead for awhile when it's nice during the day. Is trained to sit on command, shake hands, as shown in pictures. He is leash trained. He is quiet and well-behaved and has done no barking, even when outside in the play yard. Weight was originally about 40- 45lbs, but he gained 10 lbs. after his rescue and being on regular meals. His coat is soft and clean (for now!). He is good with cats! He will be available after 11/6/08.