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  Hattie, 3-4 years Female Hairless Chinese Crested
Hattie Hattie

Hattie is an adult female Hairless Chinese Crested Dog. She was found in a kill shelter in TN and named Hattie because she resembled an old hat. She has no teeth, but that doesn't mean much as cresteds have horrible teeth and are born sometimes missing teeth. We will have our vet age her when she arrives and is examined two days later. Update: now that she's here, she looks much younger, like a young adult. she is so sweet. Needs to gain some weight, but just precious. Crested people, I know you're out there, otherwise, the volunteers will be fighting over her. We're already building a wardrobe for her. Foster mom says: "What she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality. Unless asleep, Hattie never stops moving. (a common trait of cresteds) You can always hear the pitter-patter of her feet on the hardwood, even when she is just standing. She spins when she gets excited and nibbles on your nose when she plays. She loves soft stuffed animals and can entertain herself by shaking the toy, throwing it across the room, and bolting after it. She is very skinny, and has a ways to go in terms of weight gain. Right now, we are feeding her 3-4 small meals a day to build her up. In terms of potty training, she hasn't had any accidents in the house, but whoever adopts her has to know that she needs lots of potty breaks throughout the day to reinforce her success. (Not to mention she is eating much more than a normal dog) She is a very easy going dog and just loves to love. She is great with other dogs of all sizes and has the crested confidence- she isn't afraid of anything or anyone."