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  Vegas, 1 Year Old Male Collie / Heeler  Mix
Vegas Vegas

Vegas is a 1 year old Collie mix of some sort, definitely a herding dog and loves to herd, but also loves his people. He bonds closely with his pack and wants to be with his people. He's neutered and on a mixture of the raw diet with some kibble. In July he was turned into a high kill shelter. Because of his friendly nature, a dog rescuer was called and he was rescued so that he can find an adoptive home. He is young, wants to play, gets along with other dogs, but likes to herd them around. He is not shy in asking for attention from anyone and everyone, he is just a love bug! In addition to playing with other dogs, Vegas can entertain himself given a few toys to toss around. When he runs across the yard, all four of his feet leave the ground with every bound, it's too cute. Please apply if interested. He came in with his pal, Trooper, but seems to have more energy then his buddy and is always trying to bark him into playing. He really would make an amazing agility dog and can jump pretty high. He has great recall even though he's an adolescent. He is great at the dog park and loves to swim, loves to chase and be chased by other dogs. Is just a great dog and can settle himself quickly.