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 Tuppence, formerly Li Ping

Tuppence, above with Jean's daughter, Dawn, and left in his holiday clothes!

Hello everyone;

I guess that I own the father of two litters of the Chinese Crested. I got Li Ping ( now rechristened Tuppence), at the very end of last year - 1999. Tuppence is a British deviation of 'two pennies', which isn't much money and therefore often used for small animals. In this case is was true when we got him but Tuppence likes his food - alot, and doesn't mind at all if the two cats leave a few lickens for him. He even snuffs out the horse stalls to see if any food has been dropped and HAS to have some carrot when the horses are getting their carrot treats. Last time he was at the vets, he was 10lb. plus a few ounces. The vet was unconcerned and said with a smile that it was all muscle!!! Of course we know better!!!

Tuppence and I spend weekdays at my daughters' barn and unless my husband is travelling we go home for weekends. However I have noticed lately that Tuppence seems to miss the two cats, the horses, the greyhound and the cockatiel at weekends. Yes Tuppence quickly learned that he cannot touch the bird, who lives in an open door cage. And he is very respectful of the horses. I find it interesting though that he seems to know which horses are the ones he should give the widest girth. My horse is laid back and shares a paddock with a pony and Tuppence has know problem going under the fence to visit. He could also go into visit with the young 3yr. horse we have but he wouldn't dream of doing so. Smart!!! As the cold weather came I decided that maybe it was too cold for Tuppence to continue the routine of accompanying me down to the barn in the early morning to feed the horses, but Tuppence does not like to be! left out, so we don a blanket over his sweat shirt and then another coat on top of those and he very happily follows me. His feet don't seem to worry him at all this winter although he hated the cold last year when we first got him. I purchase his sweatshirts from Walmart - 18mth old toddler size and then I just put a dart down the front starting with the widest part of the dart at the neck and tapering it down somewhere about halfway down the shirt. When he goes outside I just fold up the bottom (so that he doesn't pee on it) and then velcro his coat on. His nicest coat (which we keep for best) was purchased at a dressage horse show and I must check to see if I can find the seller.

At weekends when my husband sits down to read, Tuppence always jumps up on his lap and paws his hand in order to be stroked. Sometimes my husband ignores it and then Tuppence creeps up and lays his head on my husbands' shoulder (we call it a hug) and Tuppence gets an immediate response!!!

I have always had a dog and I have to say that they have always been great pets, but Tuppence is very, very special and I can't dwell on what it would be like without him. He is the BEST company and very loyal. Never strays too far from me (well he does love to chase chipmunks and squirrels) but ALWAYS comes when I call him, and has done so since the first day I got him. He is the greatest traveller in the car. I purchased a storage crate and I loop the seat belt through the open work in the sides. I lined the crate and padded the top. Tuppence very happily jumps into the car and then into his crate in the back seat. He could just as easily jump out of the crate but never does until I stop and tell him to 'come'. I don't know how he learned all this wonderful behavior, but it sure makes for an easy life. Now don't think that Tuppence is too grown-up to play. He has a favorite stuffed anima! l at home and sneaks the greyhounds favorite bear at the barn - unless of course he can sneak the stuffed mice which belong to the cats - they are really scrumptious!!! I guess that Tuppence thinks so anyway as he tears all the hair off them!!

Tuppence's favorite words are, "Do you want your coat on?" We say this even in summer as he knows that means it is time to go outside. I did worry a little last summer as to whether he would get sunburnt, especially while we stood all day outside at horse shows. He did go a beautiful black color (now pink again) but never burned. Maybe because he was outside so much at the barn all Spring and gradually got used to the sun? I have to admit that I was so worried in the real heat sometimes that I put little toddler t-shirts on him - again with the tuck in the front.

Now I'm going to give away Tuppences' big secret!!!! He has a fetish!!!!! Oh yes, he loves to be kissed and kissed and kissed around the bare skin on his neck. He just goes all quiet and still and takes it all - and more. I call him my "little man", but he would be more aptly called my little baby.

He astonishes me at bedtime as he will curl up with me in my bed, but if I tell him to stay in his bed , he does without sulking!! And at home with my husband he knows to stay in his own bed. I think he is very smart!!!

Well if you didn't know before - you now all know that I just adore this little guy, and I couldn't part with him for anything. He is so, so precious and couldn't be easier to care for.

I use the shower head to bath him about once every two weeks and I put a little cream on him during the winter. He isn't too keen on the shower, but loves to be towel dried, brushed and creamed!!!! I do find that if I don't wash him, he gets a body odor, not terrible but certainly noticeable.

The first time that I took him to the vet he screamed blue murder and clung to my shoulder, but the last time I took him he was very good. I'm wondering if the increase in weight had anything to do with it. We call him 'dough boy' these days!!

Do any of you crested owners find that they don't lick as most dogs do? I have always been used to my dogs 'kissing' lavishly. I thought it was a 'loving' thing'. Tuppence only just started to 'kiss' during the past few months and he is still very judicious with them. I get more kisses from my horse!!!!

Well I'd be interested to know whether or not any of Tuppence offspring are at all like him - he's the BEST!!!!!!


PS I live on the south shore but the barn is in Groton, Ma.

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