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Save A Dog, Inc. - Success Story Phantom, formerly Sunny
 Phantom, formerly Sunny
Hi Shirley,

Happy Thanksgiving! I have been meaning to write a success story for the page and have been remiss in doing so.

Phantom(AKA Sunny) is doing fabulous. He has had a great year since coming into my life in April of this year. He is now 10 months old and weighs 59lbs. He has slowed down his weight gain so I think he is almost full size. He was born sometime in February so I have decided he was intended as the Valentine for my other dog Lava(my 6 yr old PWD) who had lost her two brothers in February of this year at the ripe old age of 17. So his birthday will be Valentines Day each year. This will allow me to reflect on how much joy Phantom has brought to Lava and me.

He is very sweet. In fact the sweetest dog I have ever owned. Phantom housebroke in three days and sits by the door when he needs to go out. (Thanks to all the volunteers who had worked with his mom and the litter to crate train them!) Currently he is enjoying learning some obedience and agility so he can master being off leash in safe places. He had a great summer. My family has a place in Maine on the water and learned to ride in the boat, fetch sticks and wonder why fish donít stay around when he jumps in! To say that Phantom has been the perfect fit for Lava and me would be an understatement. That being saidÖ. As with all puppies he has gotten the best of a couple of pairs of my shoes and one brand new pair of Smith sunglasses. He was car sick early and threw up everywhere! He has boundless enthusiasm for new things; in the little bit of snow this week he went face sledding. He would run and dive one side of his face into the cold wetness and do it again. I canít wait until there is real snow!

Today we went to Lake Cochituate to play and he and Lava played in the water. The feathers of his coat froze and looked like jack frost all over him. I have enclosed a photo taken today that shows him enjoying life with his frosty features. Also I have enclosed a 2nd picture of Phantom in the same box as the photos taken at 10 weeks old for a fun comparison.

Hope all is well with everyone and all dogs at Save A Dog,

Thanks for our forever friend Phantom!

Lava and Michele

Hi Shirley,

Phantom is settling in nicely. Here are some photos for you to send to WV. He is soo Cute. Of course I took the shoe away but not before I took the photos!

Have a good evening


Save A Dog, Inc.
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