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 Birthday Party for Chinese Crested Puppies born 11/22/99
November 18, 2001
Litter pictured on the top left; Angel, the momma is bottom left, Dad Tuppence is bottom right (with Sydney, the runt in the middle. Sydney's Florida mom would not let him fly up for the party (can't blame her).
We had at least a dozen chinese cresteds attending, wearing every outfit known to dog. Some dogs changed clothes three times in the first hour. Wow. All were so well behaved!
Jazelle Frazer in her tutu!
Some wore those "tough guy" t-shirts. This is Spike, the older brother of the litter, with his Mom, Karen.
All begged for treats.
Prince's mommy, Diane, is a groomer so check out the purple hair!
Amazingly, there were no dog fights and not one accident in the house!
Tuppence in his tux, seen with Mom, Jean Frazer.
Birthday boy, Freddy, with his sister, Molly, also a birthday girl. Both joyously held by Scooter's mom, Carol.
Daisy, of Daisy and Bunny fame, held by his mom, Kathleen Souza, who came all the way up from CT. What a lovely coat she now has.
Betsy and the famous Bismark, plus Sugar, the only non-crested present.
The lovely Chomper with her moms, Kate and Donna!
Prince meets big brother, Spike!
Then he cuddles up with little bro', Freddy!
Then sister, Molly, crawls into the pile and they all settle in for a much-needed nap!
We had a yankee swap and here, Daisy, the powder puff from litter #1 tries to claim her gift!
Beautiful Molly, in her lovely outfit. She also had her nails done that day with finger polish and all.

Who's that stud checking her out?

Freddy in his Tigger fleece. He is usally such a brat to our foster dogs, but he was a true gentleman to his siblings and guests at the party. We're proud of you, Fred! Must have been all those treats you got from the table!
We had tons of marvelous food, including lots of home made dog biscuits. What a blast! It was a day to remember. So much fun for dogs and humans. Thanks, everyone, for coming and for giving these dogs such awesome homes too!
The well behaved Chinese Cresteds of Jean Frazer and friends! Tuppence, Jazelle, Mindy (formerly Flower), and Molly.
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