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It's been a while since I sent an update but I wanted you to know that Nebbie is doing fine as he approaches his 6th birthday. It's hard to believe sometimes that we adopted him when he was only six months old back in October 2002. Although he still retrieves everything in sight (pillows, shoes, clothes) and has been known to figure out ways around the backyard fence he's a joy to have around. He loves to be brushed and fussed over and he loves to run around the yard with Buddy, his Maltese companion. Here's recent picture. He likes to eat (and roll in ) the snow. Thanks for helping us find each other.

Jeff , Diane , Scott, Lauren & Ryan Anderson (and Buddy too !)

This is an update regarding Nebuchadnezzar, a terrier/black Lab mix we adopted in October 2002. Neb is three and a half now and is a wonderful addition to our family. He's perfectly healthy and has never needed the vet other than regular maintenance and some stitches he got after a run in with a wire garden fence (removed and junked after that happened). He loves to run and loves the snow. We recently adopted a Maltese from a relative who could not care for him anymore so there is plenty of interaction, almost all good natured, between the two. It's great watching the 10 lb. Maltese chase Neb, who is a 55 lb. bullet. Ususally Neb has to stop and wait for Buddy (the Maltese) to catch up. We tell everyone who asks about Neb (nearly everyone does because he's such an unusual-looking dog) about Save- A -Dog.


Just thought I'd drop you a line regarding Nebbie, who we adopted in October 2002. He's become quite an addition to the family and he's a healthy, happy two year old. He weighs about 55 lbs now and he's got a beautiful coat. He's a great watchdog and loves to play ball, although he eats the covers off of old baseballs so we have to be careful. The cross breed (Terrier and Lab) has some interesting characteristics as he retrieves everything: socks, laundry, slippers, emtpy soda bottles and so forth. I'm still working with his training, but he's very willing and intelligent. He's a wonderful companion and I can't say enough about the state he was in when we adopted him. He was obviously well cared for and he was completely housebroken. I have recommended you folks to several people I know who were looking for dogs.

I am attaching a few photos of the boy so you can see what he looks like now. I understand that he had a sibling named Miller and I was wondering if you had heard how he was doing.

Thanks for helping bring Nebuchadnezzar to the Anderson family.

Christmas 2002

Hi Shirley,

Well as promised we got a good picture of Nebby at Christmas. Actually my daughters boyfriend took it on a digital camera. He is getting so big! He is very spoiled also. We found out how much of a retriever is though. He escaped out of his yard and we thought he was gone for good, but when I called him he came running from the yard next door very pleased with himself! He went and got himself a big fat squirrel! He was very proud of himself and didn't want to give it up. He listens very well and we think he will be a good yard dog. He doesn't like the street or cars. That's a good thing. He and Mollie still have fun together. He's keeping her young. Here is a recent picture of both of them. Hope you like the updated. We still love him to death. That's all for now.


Molly and Neb

Hi Shirley,

Well as promised I have a few pictures for you of Neb. His first snow,on the ottoman with Mollie chewing rawhides together, having a taste of a leaf, and posing pretty on the ottoman. He's doing very well.

He loves running in the snow. His grizzly face gets all white, he really looks neat. As you can see he is getting bigger by the day. He's a great puppy, very intellegent and full of mischief. We love him dearly. He and Mollie steal each others cookies, toys, and food when I'm not watching him. Christmas is going to be a real adventure, as he loves to chew still and slides with his giraffe legs into everything. Well thast all for now. We'll send Christmas pictures for you. Again he's great and the best addition to our family. More later.


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