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Hi Shirley and all others at Save A Dog,

It is that time of year to say a hello to you and provide an update on Lady.

Lady is still doing very well! It is hard to believe it has been seven years since she came home with me. Boy, has her appearance changed! I've included a picture I took of her on her first day home, Augut 14, 1999, and then a more recent picture from last month.

We lost her brother Aussie this year in April, which was very difficult for both of us. She has been adjusting pretty good to being an only dog; I try to get her out and about more often and spend a little more time at home just to make sure she's Ok - isn't that what worried mothers are supposed to do? I love her so much!

Any chance I get, I spread the word about Save A Dog and the wonderful job you do for homeless dogs. Keep up the good work!

Thank you,
Felicia Sienkiewicz & Lady

Lady's First Day Home

Hi Shirley and all at Save A Dog,

It is that time of year, to celebrate the anniversary of Lady becoming part of my life. My name was Felicia Pafford for my last update; I'm now Felicia Sienkiewicz

Lady and I (and Aussie too) went through a divorce last year; it wasn't easy on anyone, but we came through with flying colors and are now happily residing in North Hampton, in a wonderful home with a big fenced in yard.

Lady is doing so well; she and I took a beginner agility class early in the spring and hope to take more as time allows. She loved them! You can see the sense of accomplishment written all over her once she'd climbed the A-Frame for the first time, or gone thru the chute. She's such a love, a great alert barker, and all around wonderful companion.

August 14 will mark her 5 year anniversary with me; it is hard to believe 5 years have gone by already!

Here are a couple pictures of her majesty :)

Lady wanted to say thank you again for rescuing her from NY and bringing her here, so she clicked over to PayPal to send you a donation.

Keep up the good work,

Lady after we rescued her
Lady is a one year old female Collie mix who we adopted to a nice family in New Hamphire. She's an Australian Shepherd mix. Lady was originally found in a basement and was marked down by the shelter as a stray. Lady has an especially sweet nature. She is gentle and very affectionate, but not overbearing. She loves kids and bonds quickly.
Lady with her new family on the day she was adopted!
lady and aussie at halloween Lady in her Trick-or-treating garb, along with her brother Aussie.

Lady today!

Hi Shirley

We wanted to drop you a quick letter commemorating Lady's One year anniversary with us. What a year it has been! She's come a long way since she's been with us. We went through a slew of trips to the vet when she first arrived, getting her all fixed up and healthy. To say she has bonded with this family is putting it lightly!! She is quite the shadow, always following someone around to some part of the house. She has also become a very good guard dog - she barks to alert at anything unusual. She definitely is not fond of strange men, we found this out while we were having construction done on the house. She is good with children, and most women. Her personality has developed and changed quite a bit from the dog we brought home a year ago. Personality quirks and all, we are crazy about her!

Here are some pictures we took of her today:

Keep up the good work - I'm always checking the web site, seeing who is out there... If I could only find a way to walk three dogs!!

The Pafford Family

Here's one of her and Aussie. She seems to do a good
job of keeping him young:

Lady on her one year anniversary.
Happy Anniversary Lady and Pafford Family

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