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Our whole family adopted Coco in April 2005. After losing our German Shephard Hope the previous April, we thought it might be time to bring another dog into our family. Right away my husband and boys gravatated towards Coco, an aussie (mix?) I was there to see another dog, but Coco just felt right. We were lucky enough to be choosen as her new family. Deep in my heart I still had doubts. Our GSD was "my" dog, and I guess I had the most to lose letting another dog into my heart. But you should have seen us that night when we got the call, we were practically jumping up and down "we were choosen!" Coco came home with us a the next day and we were prepared to give her months to settle in. She was right at home within 24 hours.

She has been nothing but sweet to every single dog she meets. Loves children. I know when my husbands car has entered the neighborhood, Coco gets up from what she is doing and goes and lays down in front of the door into the house from the garage and just stares and waits.

I work in a museum and Coco has become our unofficial mascot. The director has a closet in her office and in it is a box with a blanket, a raw hide and some toys and a water dish. Coco is probably one of the only museum savy dogs in New England! We are in discussion as weather or not to make up "Friends of Coco " buttons....

Everyone that meets her is astonished that she is a rescue, all of them ask the same question "why would anyone give her up??" she has passed obediance with flying colors. But her Aussie inteligence has brought her places I have never expected. She taught herself, in the span of 3 min to climb a 4 foot ladder to join the whole family in the pool. She has a "thing" for webbing. Has gone thru 3 leashes. We are now the proud owners of a few good quality leather leashes. Determined not to be that last ring on the family hierarchy, she is in a constant tug of war with our youngest cat, she will sleep with and play with her, but she will not let the cat on my bed, or near me.

She sleeps with my oldest son at night and protects him from the ever threatening hermit crabs which reside on top of his bookcase. You never know when one might attack!

As to our three cats. One she plays with, Molly, this cat thinks she is a dog, and I guess Coco does too, she goes up to her with a bone and taunts Molly just as she does her dog friends. She wants the cat to chase her. Molly of course, being a respectable cat has no intention of chasing her, especially for a mere bone. She does sit really still for an ear cleaning from Molly though. That one took time.

She is an amazing dog, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have Coco in our lives.

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