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 Baxter, formerly Pup

Hi All,

Well it’s been about 3 years since I last sent you an update on Baxter (formerly called PUP). He’s doing just fine and surely is a part of our family. I still get compliments on how handsome he has become. He is very active and full of it :)

Often people ask what breed and gender he is. I tell them the whole story including where we got him. The name save-a-dog always get included and I encourage others to give a look on your excellent web site. With so many great dogs in need of a loving home, why would anyone look elsewhere?

Baxter has a friend now, her name is PJ and they’re buddies. PJ was also adopted and she’s a great dog.

I’ve attached some recent photo’s if you wish to post them.

Thanks again!

Gary and Michelle Porter (and Baxter too!)

Hi All,

Just an update on Baxter (previously called PUP). These are pictures from our vacation up in Northern Maine a few weeks ago. He did very well! the ride is a long 8 hours, he was completely relaxed the whole way. Once we arrived at our camp, he adapted quickly to the new surroundings. Lots of things to sniff like bears and moose etc...

We did get him into the motor boat with a little prodding. Once he got in he loved the ride. We went to the end of the lake to the "natural beach" and let him swim for the first time. He thought it was a game of finding sticks in the water and bringing them to the shore. This is the same "beach" that we took our Heidi dog, she also loved the boat ride and beach. There aren't any other people on the whole lake (very remote) so it was just awesome for all three of us. Baxter and I have training sessions in the basement when I come home from work. He's learning pretty quickly but seems to be a bit stubborn at times (that would be the chow chow in him) I'm thankful he also has german shepherd in him as well. He seems to have put on a few pounds since we adopted him. Getting better on the leash also. We'll keep you posted on Baxter's progress and fun times.

Take care,

Gary and Michelle Porter

Update on 1/27/03


Just thought I'd send along some recent photo's of "Baxter". He's fitting right in with the family! we all love him and appreciate your efforts in making sure he found the loving environment that he deserves. I'd like to adopt more if I could, but that is not possible at this time. If I ever need to adopt again, you folks would be my first choice. Baxter is getting quite spoiled I must say. He gets at least two walks every day whether it's raining, snowing, sleeting he just loves getting walks. I took him to the vets today to get his nails trimmed, he absolutely hates having that done. We tried this at home with no luck. Common behavior for Chows I'm told. He did put on a few pounds.

He now weighs 68 pounds, up from the 50 pounds when we got him. I have also taken him to obedience classes and he has learned to be a good k-9 citizen (for the most part). He's still puppyish at times but getting better as he gets more mature. One funny thing he does is bringing his rawhide bones to me to hold while he chews on it. Many dogs won't even let you get near them when they have a bone. All in all, he's a great dog and I look forward to many, many fun filled years together. I'll keep you posted with new photos in a few months. We'd like to be on your mailing list...

Take care,

Garr, Michelle, and Baxter Porter

3rd Update, Sept. 2003

Good day!

Just look at how handsome Baxter has become! what a great dog and family member. We don't know what we'd do without him in our lives. I guess he's almost two years old now and maturing nicely. My daughter Becky had brought us a calendar photo of a dog that looked exactly like our Baxter, on the back side of the card the description was that of a Belgian Turvuren Shepherd. Upon internet research, we found out that he is in fact mostly that breed, known for their agility, loyalty and tracking abilities, a very slight bit of chow chow (dark spots on the tongue). He's holding at a healthy 68 pounds. We have recently moved to Townsend, Mass where it is quite rural. Many trails to explore with him each and every day. Good for me, good for him. Thanks again for your help in making our lives complete...

We hope to see the updated success stories soon!

Best regards,

Gary and Michelle Porter

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