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Who Will Be at Paws in the Park 2017
 Who will be at Paws in the Park 2017?

We get numerous emails from adopters asking about other dogs who have been adopted through our program. Also, the volunteers that work so hard to rescue and foster these dogs, just love seeing them again! Paws in the Park is the perfect place to meet up with the dogs and their families.

This page has gone over so well in the past years, we are doing it again. It is for those of you who want to tell other adopters and volunteers that you will be at Paws in the Park 2017.

Are you going to be attending Paws in the Park this year? If so, click here and tell us your name, dog's name, dog's former name, the month & year he/she was adopted and any brief message you would like posted. If you have a current picture, attach that too!

At 10:45am we will be holding a "Find Your Pet's Littermate" contest. If you adopted a puppy or dog who had a littermate, you are eligible to play "Find your Littermate" at 10:45 in the Main Ring. Make sure you know your original adoption date and if possible, any other siblings from your dog's litter. Then you can all walk together during the "Walk" part of our event!

We will have a bulletin board and index cards available at the Information booth. These cards can be used to write messages to siblings and/or volunteers regarding where/when to meet. We are planning to set up a meeting area. Ask at the Information booth where this area is.

Maggie (Previously Mandy) - Adopted: March 2017

Maggie was one of six an a litter - her mom is Roxy - we hope to see all her siblings at the park!

Toby and Peyton - Adopted: November 2015

Peyton was adopted in March 2017 Toby was adopted in November 2015 both of them save a dog

Haley (Previously Haley) - Adopted: January 2015

We are coming to tell SAVE A DOG thank you and to say how grateful we are that she came to live with us! We can't wait to show off how much she has changed!

Rosie (Previously Sarah) - Adopted: November 2012

Rosie Rosie Rosie is a dog. Rosie Rosie Rosie is a dog. Rosie Rosie Rosie she's as pretty as a Posey. Rosie Rosie Rosie is dog, she's a dog.

Rex (Previously Juniper) - Adopted: September 2015

Atticus (Previously IBOR) - Adopted: April 2017

This will be our first Paws in the Park!

Queso (Previously Queso) - Adopted: March 2015

Queso is looking forward to seeing all his old friends!

Angus (Previously Angus) - Adopted: October 2008

Angus is excited to attend once again! See you there!

Iggy (Previously Marshall) - Adopted: March 2017

Dharma (Previously Lindy) - Adopted: May 2015

What a darling little podengo she is! Podengo is a rabbit hunting breed from Portugal. She now has a brother, Toby (same name) adopted in March 2017.

Maizy - Adopted: April 2011

Fidget - Adopted: November 2005

Fidget was adopted from a shelter in sterling as a puppy and has been the perfect dog! He's getting old but he's still a puppy at heart. :)

Poppy (Previously JJ/Trey) - Adopted: March 2017

Poppy's the newest member of our family and has really given Indy a great 4 legged playmate as well as our 5 year old daughter. We love them!!

Indy (Previously Tully) - Adopted: May 2015

Indy's our tri-color pup and is an amazing member of our family!

Gunner - Adopted: June 2014

LOLLI (Previously Sugar) - Adopted: January 2013

We LOVE Pittie Love Rescue!! That's where we met LOLLI and what a joy lolli is to our family.

Kala (Previously Kala) - Adopted: July 2008

Hope to see my siblings; Khaki, Kahlen and Kevin. Looking forward to lots of fun!

Hunter (Previously Hunter) - Adopted: April 2016

Such a great addition to our family!

Pepper (Previously Pepper) - Adopted: January 2010

Bosco (Previously simba) - Adopted: April 2017

We will do the second meet and greet in order to see Lucy!

Buddy (Previously Wally) - Adopted: August 2014

He's a great dog and an awesome addition to our family!

Stella (Previously Cowgirl) - Adopted: November 2014

Stella/Cowgirl is excited to meet her siblings! She is an extremely fast and athletic girl, ready for any adventure. We hope to see her litter-mates at the park!

Harley Smithers (Previously NA) - Adopted: January 2017

Rascal (Previously Rascal) - Adopted: November 2016

Roxie (Previously Princess) - Adopted: November 2016

Honey and MIckey (Previously Honey and Mouse) - Adopted: August 2010

Both Honey and Mickey send their love to you all!! We will be there in spirit and wish everyone a wonderful day!!!

Lassie (Previously ?) - Adopted: March 2011

marty (Previously denny) - Adopted: May 2015

Lucy (Previously Kiara) - Adopted: April 2017

Lucy is part of Dandelion's litter. Meg, Rich and Liz will be there with Lucy at 1:15.

Tucker (Previously Yaz) - Adopted: July 2016

Bingo (Previously Grayson) - Adopted: November 2015

Bingo is a Blue Heeler. His cousin (my daughter's dog) is a Save A Dog named Bourbon (the former Teddy)

Emma (Previously Muffin) - Adopted: December 2016

Emma is such a wonderful dog. We love her so much! Thanks Team Sonja!!!

Tucker (Previously Buster) - Adopted: May 2014

Tucker & I are planning to attend

Dory (Previously Onyx) - Adopted: March 2016

Tetley (Previously Riddick) - Adopted: April 2016

We look forward to seeing all the Save a Dog people again.

Cali (Previously Taffy) - Adopted: October 2013

Hoping to see her sister Karma (previously Caramel) :)

Daisy (Previously Daisy) - Adopted: January 2016

I will be attending Paws in the Park with Daisy. She was part of the litter that came up from West Virginia. Her litter mates were Hershey, Cadbury, Dandelion to name a few. Hopefully some of her brothers and sisters will be there too.

Spice (Previously Spice) - Adopted: July 2008

Spice hopes to see some of her litter mates Sugar, Smokey, Saffron & Dusty

Lola & Charlotte (Previously Katniss and Ana Mae) - Adopted: October 2013

Lola was adopted 2013 and Charlotte was adopted 2016 July

Buddy (Previously Roger Rabbit) - Adopted: December 2016

We are so excited to be attending, Buddy has enriched all of our lives in so many ways. We are grateful to Save a Dog for making our family complete. Thank you for all that you do! The Siciliano Family

Jax (Previously Jax) - Adopted: September 2015

Bailey (Previously Reese) - Adopted: November 2016

I am wondering if any of the other cattle dog mix puppies in Bailey's (aka Reese) litter will be attending and at what time?

Koda (Previously Lucy) - Adopted: October 2015

Delilah - Adopted: April 2017

Daisy (Previously Reese) - Adopted: January 2017

Daisy has been a wonderful addition to our home! She loves to play out in the yard with tennis balls and she will entertain herself by throwing the balls and retrieving them to us. Daisy loves to curl up in you lap for a nap and will give lots of kisses to averyone she meets!

Pepper (Previously Trevor) - Adopted: January 2017

Marcie - Adopted: May 2016

Marcie was adopted in May 2016 and her adorable name was kept! She was the May litter of "M's" and her mother is Heather! We will be attending Paws in the Park at 10am!

Muffin (Previously Muffin) - Adopted: May 2016

Muffin will be officially attending her first Paws in the Park! We picked her up at last years Paws from a volunteer and brought her home to foster. After 10 minutes, we knew she was here to stay!!!! Muffin looks forward to being at PAWS this year!

Tiggy (Previously Macy) - Adopted: August 2014

Tiggy (formerly Macy) would love to see any of her three puppies previously known as Mojo, Manny and Max. Hope to see you there.

Keegan (Previously Rocco) - Adopted: April 2009

Keegan's looking forward to seeing all the dogs and dog lovers!

CeCe, Pony, Bobby (Previously Nellie, Molly)

I have two toy poodles and one miniature. They are all seniors, one was retired from a private breeder and two are mill rescues. I just signed up to work for and I'm looking forward to working with more dogs/cats. Love cats too. This will be my first time attending this event. I'm looking forward to meeting other pet lovers.

Honey (Previously Honey) - Adopted: May 2015

Jack - Adopted: March 2015

Bartley (Previously Buster) - Adopted: January 2017

Oliver (Previously Carlos) - Adopted: November 2015

Violet and Brady (Previously Same)

We have two dogs and hope to bring them both

Pearl (Previously Pearl) - Adopted: November 2015

Pearl would love to see any of her puppies. They were adopted in summer of 2015- Chantelle, Chevy, Chelsea, and Charlotte.

Zoe (Previously Yummy) - Adopted: February 2015

We will try and come so Zoe can meet her siblings. She is a sweet girl, but a little shy around new friends.

Tony (Previously Craven) - Adopted: December 2009

Tony is a corgi/daschund mix and the light of my life. He has a wonderful personality. He makes me smile every day... couldn't love him any more than I do.

Finn (Previously Shadow) - Adopted: December 2016

Can't wait to see all of Finn's litter mates and attend this event for the first time! His mothers name was Sonja and he has 6 other brothers/sisters.

Jax (Previously Jonny) - Adopted: December 2016

We will come at 11AM

Pluto (Previously Pluto) - Adopted: December 2015

Would be great if Pluto can have a reunion with his brother Jupiter!

Poppy (Previously Sugar) - Adopted: December 2014

We would love to see Poppy's litter mates. Poppy is very sweet and knows lots of tricks. I'm sure she has great litter mates too! We would love to see Jacqui too!

Hank (Previously Chris) - Adopted: February 2016

Curious to see if Hank's litter mates (Midnight's pups) have endless amounts of energy also.

Finn (Previously Webb) - Adopted: February 2015

Looking forward to finding our dog's littermates!! At the time of adoption the names of our puppy’s siblings were: Yummy, Tripp, Wink, Viva, Tycoon, Yankee and Zsa Zsa.

Jake (Previously Jason) - Adopted: February 2016

Jake is looking forward to reuniting with his brothers and sisters (Midnight's pups). We want to see if they are as crazy as he is.

Asia (Previously Asia) - Adopted: December 2004

Asia is aging gracefully - and as always a joy to us every day!

Kensie (Previously Lucy) - Adopted: February 2016

Kensie was adopted from a litter all named after classic sitcoms, with her momma being named I think either Ginger or Maryanne. Hope she gets a chance to say hi to her momma and brothers and sisters

Wally (Previously Wally Walton) - Adopted: January 2017

Wally is a rescue from TN where he was found in a Walmart parking lot.

Pixie (Previously Pixie) - Adopted: January 2017

We look forward to getting together with mum Sonja and our six brothers and sisters at Paws in the Park. Please support "Team Sonja" on our on line pledge page.

Khan (Previously Patty) - Adopted: May 2016

Grendel (Previously Rebel) - Adopted: November 2007

Maggie (Previously Margaret) - Adopted: September 2016

Maggie was the perfect match for us.Thanks to Save a Dog and Shirley! She is the most lovable dog who appreciates all the comforts of a loving home! Maggie entertains us all day and snuggles all night. Best pup ever!

Coco - Adopted: December 2013

Bambi (Previously Bambi) - Adopted: December 2011

Bambi was at save a dog with her sister Barbie and mother babe. Would love to see if they can reconnect.

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