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  • Acclimating the New Dog into Your Home

    Getting Your New Dog/Pup Home Safely: Before coming to pick up your dog, check your house and fenced in yard (if you have one) and make sure there are no holes or gaps where your new dog can slip through. Prior to leaving the premises, we will attach your dog’s Save A Dog ID tag onto your dog’s collar. We usually carry the dog to the car unless the dog is well leash trained or too heavy. Still, even a well behaved dog can panic when getting into an unfamiliar car, so precaution is always taken. It is best to go straight home to acclimate your dog to his new environment before night fall. If you have a light-weight leash, it’s best to keep it clipped on, even in fenced in areas. The first few days you can have them drag the leash so that you can safely bring your dog inside. Many southern dogs are not used to stairs, so you may have to carry him/her inside the first few times and subsequently use treats to coax your dog up the stairs.

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  • Updated FAQ on Lyme Disease

    Living in New England and being responsible for the care of many rescued dogs, I have been treating lyme disease for the past decade. I’ve compiled this Frequently Asked Questions sheet with my findings. My only goal is to help dogs live a long and healthy life and to prolong the joy that they offer their human guardians.

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