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  Saturday, July 15, 2017   3:00-5:00pm   Join us at 29Sudbury, 29 Hudson Road, Sudbury on July 15th for our first Yappy Hour of the summer! A $10 donations grants you access to their beautiful patio where you can bring your dog, relax and enjoy a full menu and bar for additional cost. 100% of the proceeds will go towards our shelter work of rescuing unwanted dogs. Chat with Save A Dog volunteers and perhaps meet some dogs that are available for adoption. We hope to see you there!
Please read our "How to Adopt" information and then fill out an application if you would like to be contacted, or come to a Meet & Greet. Thank you!
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 Available Dogs
  Joker, 15 weeks Male Retriever/Shepherd  Mix

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Hi, My name is Joker and I'm a 3-4 month old Retriever/Shepherd puppy. I love to play with toys and with you. I am working on house training and learning to accept the crate. I lived with dogs, both senior and large breeds and I am respectful of all. I am curious with cats, but I don't bother them at this stage in my life. I am still working on “down” and “leave it” but I know SIT! If I think I am going to get a treat you don’t even have to ask me to sit! I am looking for a family that will give me the time and attention that I need. If you work full time then I would be awfully lonely sitting in a crate all day. Please don't do that to me. I can take a couple hours tops, but not 3 or 4 at my age. Thanks for being considerate. Only 1 in 5 puppies stay in their original home so please don't be mad at Save A Dog for trying to do right by me and getting me the best home possible.

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  Lyle, 8-9 months Male Lab/Husky  Mix
Lyle   Lyle
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Available On: 5/30/17

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Lyle is a 50 pound male yellow Lab/Husky mix who is around 8-9 months old. He's was very shy when he first arrived, but he has come along ways. His brother, Ezra, was much shyer and already got adopted and is doing great. Now it's Lyle's turn. He needs a securely fenced in yard (physical, not electric) If you are looking for a friend for your dog, he would be great. Eventually he will be able to have outings like a normal dog, he just needs time right now. He is from farm country and did not see a lot of people, but he doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. Please fill out an application if you're interested in meeting him this week. You won't be disappointed.

Last Modified: 6/23/2017 7:25:35 PM EST
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  Danny, 9 weeks Male Boston Terrier / Boxer  Mix
Danny   Danny
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Hi there, My name is Danny and there's nothing cuter than me. I'm smart too. I already know how to sit for you. Please be a stay at home or work-from-home and no small children -- I may look like a stuffed animal but i have sharp teeth. Please fill out an application and then come visit me during the shelter hours on weekends. See the home page for details.

Last Modified: 6/23/2017 7:23:38 PM EST
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  Emmett, ~10 weeks Male Coconut Retriever  Mix
Emmett   Emmett
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Available On: 6/21/17

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Hi there! My name is Emmett and I'm a handsome Retriever mix from St.Thomas. I love to wrestle and play with my sister Emma. I am a bit shyer then my sister but I still come out of shell very quickly. Young pups like me need lots of time and attention, so someone at home full-time would be an ideal match for me. I need to get out to do my business and play every 1-2 hours right now. If you want to meet me, please fill out an application at and come out to a Meet and Greet!

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  Scooter, 4-5 months Male Italian Greyhound / Rat Terrier  Mix
Scooter   Scooter
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Available On: 6/19/17

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Scooter is an adorable 4-5 month old Italian Greyhound/Rat Terrier mix (we think). His foster said, "He only barked once when he heard my neighbor come home. He likes to be up high on the back of a sofa, on his perch, so he is able to see everything. He is extremely curious. He likes you to be with him when he eats. He's a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. He's a friendly little guy. He sleeps all night in his crate." As with any puppy he will need training and plenty of attention throughout the day.

Last Modified: 6/23/2017 11:19:52 AM EST
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  Rumble, ~ 1 year Male Scotty / Schnauzer  Mix
Rumble   Rumble
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Available On: 5/23/17

Apply To Adopt

RUMBLE WILL NOT BE AT THE SHELTER ON SATURDAY 6/22. Application is required for this event. Rumble is a neutered male 1 yr small scruffy Scotty / Schnauzer mix. We're told he's a fiesty playful fella! In home with dogs of various sizes + cats. House trained and will go into his crate if treats are involved. He doesn't bother the cats, but keep the litter box away. He's more interested in playing with dogs than with toys and he likes to play "rough and tumble" and would aggravate an older dog. Doggy daycare would meet his needs for doggy activities. He can ride in the car nicely now and goes to Maine regularly with his foster family. He is unknown with small kids and might be too rough so teens and up are advised. Please fill out the application before contacting us. Rumble is in a foster home with several other small dogs. He is available to be seen immediately and is looking forward to meeting you.

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  Dandelion, 2 years Female Labrador Retriever  Mix
Dandelion   Dandelion
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Dandelion is an amazing dog who came to Save A Dog and had her puppies the next day. She is a bit of a celebrity here, so we've been holding out for the absolute best home. She's 2 years old and sleeps in her crate at night. She's still young, so will go after a shoe or something if she is left to her own devices. She loves car rides and she travels to Block Island with her foster mom quite frequently and rides the ferry like she's done it all her life. She loves to run on the beach. Dandelion has been living with another female Lab and they have been best buds. She would love another dog or to be with her person during the day. She has rarely been alone so it would be difficult for her to go to a working home. She's very playful and likes rough and tumble so would be too much for an older dog or a smaller dog. She can be shown by private appointment once we receive your application. We're looking for a very special home for this special dog.

Last Modified: 6/22/2017 10:06:41 AM EST
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  Alyza, 5 years Female Pitbull Terrier  Mix
Alyza   Alyza
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Hi there, My name is Alyza and I'm a 5 year old spayed friendly Pitbull. I'm hoping I can find a loving home. Everyone says I deserve it! I am gentle with babies and toddlers. I lived with five children at one time, from infants to eight years old. My family used to prop the baby on me as a pillow. I lived with another small dog too and am being fostered with 3 other dogs. If you think you can adopt me, I will be your best friend for life! I'm obsessed with tennis balls, but I also destroy them so sometimes you have to hide them from me. I'm house trained. I sleep in my crate at night and I don't chew anything in your house during the day. I can get excited, but I also know how to "chill". I will destroy an occasional stuffed animal. I weigh around 46 lbs. I am in a foster home with 3 other dogs and I get along with everyone. I am tennis ball crazy and nothing makes me happier than chewing on a tennis ball. Won't you please give me a chance?

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Helena Chapman Leslie Rule Michaela Tally
Katherine Gallenberger Jennifer Gasser Rebecca a Emanuel
Shona Gibson

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  Nyla, 6 years Female Husky  Mix
Nyla   Nyla
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Nyla is a six year old spayed female Husky mix. She has lived in one home since she was a puppy and a change in her adopter's working hours has her spending many hours home alone. She is looking for a new home. She loves being pampered, from getting pets to even taking a bath. She loves being outside, roaming and sniffing or just laying in the sun! She is very friendly and curious, she hasn't met a dog she hasn't gotten along with. She'll play but is just as happy being around a calm dog. She does take time to warm up to someone but once she does she'll always remember you and be fine around you. Otherwise, patience is key, gotta let her come up to you. She really is a sweetheart, but just know that she kinda does things on her own terms, she may want to cuddle some days, others she may find a secluded spot by herself. I really think she has a huge heart and just wants to be loved. The owner said she hated cats, but she's being fostered with a cat right now and is great, so maybe it depends on the cat. Due to a condition that she's had since birth, her head often wobbles and she sometimes loses her balance. However, she's learned to live with this and functions very well. Come meet this wonderful dog!

Last Modified: 6/16/2017 8:34:50 AM EST
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  Adonis, ~ 2 years Male Lab/Shepherd  Mix

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Available On: Private Appointment

Apply To Adopt

Adonis is a shy 2 year neutered male Lab mix who tends to bond with one or two people in the home so we're looking for a quiet home for him. He's afraid of men, so an all female house is what he needs. He came to us from St. Thomas, hence he considered as a "Coconut Retriever". He is a handsome lad who needs to find his forever home with the right adopter as he can take some time to get accustomed to new people. He's not a dog for a busy household as he wants his own people and does not warm up quickly to strangers. For his family, he is at ease and loyal and can be a lot of fun. He LOVES the water. Give him a chance to splash around in a lake and he will take it, but be warned you will get wet! He is very polite meeting other dogs of all sizes. He loves the beach and that's his element. He is in his glory when at the beach or lake. He loves the car and will jump in (and out!!). He recently mastered the “sit” command and he will amuse himself with squeaky toys. He has lived with other dogs and would love a break from being part of a pack, so an only dog home would suit him just fine! He will chase a Frisbee, sticks and sometimes a ball and is working on bringing them back. A fenced in yard is necessary to keep him safe and give him access to the outdoors where he shows his zest for life. A dog friend would be great!. We know Adonis well and we welcome the opportunity to guide the special person who adopts him. You won’t be disappointed as he will be your forever friend for life. Adonis is available to meet and will be shown by private appointment. Update: Adonis is heart worm free. Apply at

Last Modified: 5/25/2017 6:59:25 AM EST
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  Henna, 10-11 weeks Female Coconut Retriever  Mix

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Adoption Pending

Hi my name is Henna. I am 10-11 weeks old. I am what they call a "coconut retriever" from St. Croix. I am sweet as pie. I love to cuddle and can sleep in your lap for hours. However when I wake up I am ready to play! I love chasing squeaky toys and chewing on bully sticks. If you are interested in me please fill out an online application in advance. Please give me a chance!

Last Modified: 6/24/2017 1:04:26 PM EST
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  Barney, ~ 1 Year Male Whippet/Terrier  Mix
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Adoption in Progress

Barney is a fun-loving, super friendly, playful one year old dog. He weighs 21 lbs and likes to play with dogs big and small. He's bounce his way into a new family -- he knows how to settle down with an antler or bully stick too. We are not sure of his mix, but based on his size and appearance he likely has a healthy mix of whippet/sight hound and perhaps some jack russell or parson terrier. One thing is for sure - he's an affectionate guy who will win your heart!

Last Modified: 6/24/2017 4:36:51 PM EST
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  Emma, ~10 weeks Female Coconut Retriever  Mix
Emma   Emma
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Adoption in Progress

Hi there! My name is Emma and I'm a gorgeous Retriever mix from St.Thomas. I love to wrestle with my brother Emmett. I also love to cuddle. I am young so I need lots of time and attention. So someone at home full-time would be an ideal match for me. I need to get out to do my business and play every 1-2 hours right now. If you want to meet me, please fill out an application at and come out to a Meet and Greet!

Last Modified: 6/24/2017 4:36:28 PM EST
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  Martini, ~ 5 years Female Corgi/Chi  Mix

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Adoption in Progress

Martini is a sweet five year old Corgi/Chi mix who was left in a rusty crate in front of a liquor store in a seaport town in Massachusetts. She was very frightened in the pound so Save A Dog was asked to take her and we're glad we did -- she is a sweet dog. She appears to be spayed; a tattoo was found. She deserves a forever and LOVING home! UPDATE: MARTINI IS HEART WORM POSITIVE SO IS NOT AVAILABLE NOW.

Last Modified: 6/16/2017 8:38:38 AM EST
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