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  JoJo, 6 months Female Shepherd/Hound/Lab  Mix

JoJo has received many applications and has a waiting list. Jojo is a young, playful, energetic, happy six month old spayed female pup. She is a doll and has a very sweet disposition. She is a little timid to new situations and surroundings initially. She is nervous at first meeting other dogs, but she does well once she feels comfortable. She gets along very well with dogs and people and seems a little spooked by cats. She likes to run and play, fetch balls and sticks, and can jump very high. We can envision her one day winning contests catching Frisbees in the air! She has very soft fur and ears. She likes to chew on bones. She is looking for unconditional love and with positive reinforcement and direction, and in turn she will make someone a great companion. She is very eager to please and will thrive with lots of space and some freedom to run. She would love to play fetch with the perfect owner! She weighs 33 lbs. She is Good with small dogs and people. Gets along well with a female Jack Russell Terrier and teenage boys and husband. Good with cats. Please be compliant with our holistic protocol so that your pup will live a long and healthy life. Due to Covid-19 we do not have walk-in hours. Our phones cannot hold that many messages so please fill out the application and we will try to get back to you in a timely manner. Go to