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  Buzzy, 3 years old Male Corgi/Retriever  Mix
Buzzy Buzzy

Buzzy is a 3 year-old Corgi/Lab mix who needs a dog-experienced adopter and another dog to live with. He is shy in new situations when meeting new people, but he warms up immediately with dogs. He currently goes to daycare and gets along with everyone. He is best friends with a mini Poodle. He would blossom in a home with a single woman who has a dog or dogs. Buzzy suffered trauma as a puppy, but then enjoyed the past 3 years as the center of attention with a loving couple who recently had to surrender him due to their health issues. The adopter will need to work with a trainer to help Buzzy through his initial fears, but he already knows a lot of commands, "sit",“touch",“down", and "go to bed” and others. A fenced yard is required so that he is kept safe. He is quiet and gentle in the house. He is fully house-trained. He should be allowed on furniture. He’s a dog who will ultimately be very loyal to his person. He will do best with someone who can read his body language and keep him out of situations that might frighten him. He has made great progress in his foster home and in just a few short weeks he enjoys going on hikes with his foster mom and his dog friends.