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  Cooper, 18 months Male Beagle

UPDATE: COOPER CAME BACK TO US TESTING POSITIVE ON HIS HEARTWORM TEST SO HE IS WITH ONE OF OUR VOLUNTEERS IN A FOSTER-TO-ADOPT AGREEMENT UNTIL HE TESTS NEGATIVE. DONATIONS WARMLY ACCEPTED. Cooper is an 18 month old year old Beagle boy who is very affectionate and loving, playful with other dogs and a joy to be around. He can sniff out a bunny in a heartbeat and loves to sniff around in a fenced in yard. He will come right in when you call him. He would be great with another dog to play with or with doggy friends. He needs some structure. He was adopted with a work-from-home guy and developed some anxiety when the owner tried to step out. He was not crated so became destructive. He's not a dog for an apartment or condo as he will bark if he hears people (just a bark for attention, not aggressive in the least bit). He just wants to be with his people, but that's not possible, we realize, so someone will have to work with him to introduce the crate slowly. So far he has shown no destructive behaviors at all. He keeps his bedding intact and clean. He's a beautiful little dog (25# and slim), mild in temperament, and will make a Beagle-lover so happy with his cute Beagle behaviors. He would be a star at scent work! Please have some training experience as we don't want to see him bounced around from home to home. He's a great find for the right person.