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  Moose, 2.5 years Male Lab/Rottweiler/Chow/Pyr/Terrier  Mix
Moose Moose

Moose is a 2.5 year old Lab/Rott/Chow/Pyr mix who weighs 83 lbs. He was adopted as a puppy so has had one home that offered stability and security. He is looking for his forever home due to family circumstances and through no fault of his own. As he's a blend of many large breeds so we are looking for large breed experience for him. He's well-socialized with other dogs but is cautious of new people that come into the home so takes a bit to warm up. He loves the outdoors! Moose is a big, active dog who loves being outside and running. Since he was a puppy, Moose has gone to twice-a-day play groups with other dogs from the neighborhood. The group goes to the local dog park some days, and on other days does half-day hikes around the land reservations near his home. He loves spending time with the dogs from the group, especially on longer walks when they can run together off leash. Inside he can take time to warm up as he's protective of his family, but once he knows you he loves you and will remember you the next time. He is great with all members of the couple's extended family and friends who visit regularly. The best home for him is probably one without small children and without lots of new people coming in and out of the house all the time, and one where he has access to a spacious yard where he be his happiest, most active self. We have no doubt that he will bring as much joy to his new family as he has brought his former family he has so much love to give, and just needs the right home to live his best life. Apply at and we will arrange a meeting once we determine you are a possible match for him.