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  Chester, 8-12 months Male DSH / Tabby  Mix
Chester Chester

Chester is a young cat who has survived an ordeal. Our rescue partner, Lizzie Sides, was driving home from her job at the vet hospital and saw a cat lying in the road. He looked dead, but she slowed down and he lifted his head up. Lizzie turned around, scooped him up and brought him to the vet where he recovered from a broken pelvis. He is fully recovered and very grateful to Lizzie. He seeks attention and she was doing other chores he would grab her legs with his paws and pull on her pant leg. Smart cat. We're looking for an experienced cat home, adults only please. He is good with cats and shared a condo with Ashley, the fire survivor. He is neutered and tested and up to date, but please be holistic-minded as we only want the best for Chester with the healthiest outlook for a long life. Please do not fill out the dog application. We have a separate cat application on the Available Cats page. Available 6/22/20.