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  Bee, 2-3 years old Female Hound  Mix
Bee Bee

Bee is wonderful dog who is going to light up someone's life. She's spayed, 49 pounds and is 2-3 years old. She loves people,is well behaved and gets along great with all dogs, large and small. She is totally crate trained. She came from a rural shelter, she had an old break that required an FHO (the shelter did not notice she had any issues because she ran and played normally). She had the FHO done on 6/26/19 at the specialty center with a board certified surgeon. She barely missed a beat after surgery, her recovery was remarkable - it was the fastest recovery the vet had seen (she was weight bearing within a week!). She was cleared for adoption and regular exercise on 7/15 and has just been waiting for a ride north. Bee doesn't take a bad step and is totally ready to go (no rehab etc). Bee is great with small dogs and big dogs, loves people, and is totally crate trained. She has some silly puppy qualities (occasional zoomies and puppy moments) and still loves to play but she equally wants to lounge around the house and snooze. She is very well behaved and does fantastically when out with you on your errands. Below is a video of Bee on her first adventure to the park, it's about 3 minutes long but you can see her jumping in and out of the vehicle and trotting along on her hour walk tracking normally (her gait is great). She is fully healed from her FHO procedure and ready to go. Check out Bee's video by cutting and pasting this into your browser: She's good in the car and is a great dog! She'll be available for Thursday's meet and greet 9/5.