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  Cindy, 10 years old Female Yellow Lab  Mix
Cindy Cindy

Cindy is a 10 year old spayed yellow lab mix in need of a home. Her owner is in Hospice and has asked for help to rehome Cindy. She's very sweet and was so loving of her owner. Cindy's has been around and is fine with kids - grandson is now 4 yrs. Cindy's fine with other dogs, cats and bunnies. However if the cats get too close to the bird feeder, her owner says she will chase them off. So I think Cindy's a defender of the underdog. There was a nest of baby bunnies and she kept trying to get the baby bunnies in the house. She is housetrained and will go to the door to go out. She knows sit and shake paw. She's totally house broken and loves walks. She'll walk up to 45 minutes in the morning and then goes in and out during the day. Like many older dogs, she has a fatty lipoma that is of no issue on her side and a low grade heart murmur - the vet estimated at a grade 2. That's a very low grade murmur for her age. Her video is here: Please apply at if you are interested in Cindy. Cindy will be available this weekend and may be at Woodstock if we can get her a ride. Cindy will not be a our meet and greet event on Tuesday