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  Bella, 9 weeks Female Shih Tzu  Mix

Bella is a 9 week old female Shih Tzu mix. She already weighs 6 lbs so will be larger than Shih Tzu size. We're not positive she will be non-shedding, but plan on grooming visits as her hair is long. Please be a stay at home and willing to follow our holistic protocol, minimizing toxins that go into the body. There are plenty of natural options to prevent lyme disease and we prefer people who have experience or are willing to learn. Only 1 in 5 puppies stays in the original home so please understand why we are selective with puppies. Teens and up, pls. Local homes only as she is very young and we want to keep the pups closeby for play dates with the litter mates. No phone calls, please, but fill out the online application on our web site: