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  Remington, 8 months Male Bloodhound

Remington is an 8 month old Purebred Bloodhound. He is playful, loves swimming and fetching in the water. He behaves very nicely with other dogs and puppies, enjoys personal time with his human friends. He is still learning many things and would benefit greatly with obedience classes. Housetraining has been going along fairly well. He has the funniest gait when he runs. He is not a big barker, but when playing he is vocal. He is fine with inside cats, but may want to chase an outdoor cat. He is a very typical Bloodhound, following his nose everywhere and loving to play and cuddle. Like a typical hound he sometimes whines like a baby for attention. He is a very sweet dog who needs people that have time to be with him as his previous owners had to work very long shifts and were not able to spend enough time with him. He was outside and alone most of the time, he deserves a family that will include him in their lives. He is good in the car and enjoys going for walks. It would be nice for him to have a fenced yard and a playmate. He should be available around 8/26 to see and then has to be neutered.