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  Charlie, 10 years Male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Charlie Charlie

Meet Charlie, the sweetest dog on earth! He is 10 years young. You would never know he was a senior. He's young and vibrant, but recovering from skin issues as a result of a poor diet. He's clearing up on grain free venison diet. He is on prescription meds that we think he should be weaned off of. We have him on homeopathic remedies, supplements, and B vitamins. Adopter must be willing to follow a holistic protocol so that Charlie can bring you many more years of joy. He needs a stay at home, not someone gone all day, especially as he needs some TLC at this point in his life. He won't disappoint as he has a sweet personality. Please apply online and we will be in touch as he is in a foster home and not at the shelter. Charlie is good with dogs and sweet with children, but was not raised with them so visiting children are best. Our vet did extensive blood work to determine the cause of the skin problem, so we welcome help with his expenses too.