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  Miles, 8 years Male Rat Terrier  Mix
Miles Miles

Miles is a small, 8 year old, handsome dog at 18 pounds. He is neutered. Miles was adopted in July, but a change in the couple's situation is causing him to come back. They say "he is a total joy" and this is not his fault. He's laid back and easy-going, always looks like he's 'smiling'. He will pretty much ignore cats, but if they run he will give chase. He won't bark at them. Adult home is best as he was not raised with children. A retiree who wants a pal would be perfect for him. He loves his walks and doesn't pull. Applications, not email inquiries, will receive a response. Please apply at and please read the requirements. More info on Miles from his adopters: Miles is a total sweetheart. His favorite things in the world are lounging on the couch, having his belly rubbed, and going for nice long walks where he gets to sniff everything. Although he's about 8 years old, he has a lot of energy on his walks and will keep going for a good long while if you're up for it. He's a very fast walker, too, and responsive to your direction using the leash -- doesn't pull much and is usually happy to move on if you ask him to. He's not scared of traffic unless a particularly loud truck goes by and makes him jump. At home he's very calm and mostly wants to hang out near you -- on the couch, if at all possible -- and have his belly rubbed. He makes the funniest little grunting noises while you rub his belly to tell you he's enjoying it. And he has the cutest little face -- he even "smiles" when he's happy! He is perfectly housetrained, no accidents whatsoever and he asks to go out when he needs to. He has not been at all destructive of anything in the house and I wouldn't have any concerns about leaving him home alone outside of his crate. If he wants to chew on something, he goes straight for his toys, but mostly he likes to chill out on the couch. Miles is a smart boy and very trainable. He already knows a lot of commands: sit, lay down, leave it, roll over, play dead, shake, and high five are the ones we've discovered so far. He also picks up very quickly what you want from him and is eager to please. For example, within a day or so he had figured out that we want him to roll over so we can wipe his paws when he comes in from a walk, and now he does it without even being asked. Praise and affection are bigger motivators for him than food in general, though he does like his treats.