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  Nyla, 6 years Female Husky  Mix
Nyla Nyla

Nyla is a six year old spayed female Husky mix. She has lived in one home since she was a puppy and a change in her adopter's working hours has her spending many hours home alone. She is looking for a new home. She loves being pampered, from getting pets to even taking a bath. She loves being outside, roaming and sniffing or just laying in the sun! She is very friendly and curious, she hasn't met a dog she hasn't gotten along with. She'll play but is just as happy being around a calm dog. She does take time to warm up to someone but once she does she'll always remember you and be fine around you. Otherwise, patience is key, gotta let her come up to you. She really is a sweetheart, but just know that she kinda does things on her own terms, she may want to cuddle some days, others she may find a secluded spot by herself. I really think she has a huge heart and just wants to be loved. The owner said she hated cats, but she's being fostered with a cat right now and is great, so maybe it depends on the cat. Due to a condition that she's had since birth, her head often wobbles and she sometimes loses her balance. However, she's learned to live with this and functions very well. Come meet this wonderful dog!