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  Oberyn, ~ 1.5 years Male Old English Sheepdog
Oberyn Oberyn

Obie is a 19 month old Old English Sheepdog who was adopted as a puppy and put outside in a pen. He weighs 92 pounds currently. He loves people of all ages and is a friendly dog, but he starts out rather rambunctiously on leash and then settles into a walk. He needs a strong handler as he pulls on leash. He loves to go in the car and when he sees one near he will rush toward it wanting to get inside. He is a bit rowdy at first but settles in after a few minutes. He hasn't been around other dogs much and seems most comfortable with dogs smaller than him. He was recently fostered with a Beagle, a Boston Terrier, and a senior Blue tick hound and a med. size female bird dog. He tends to rush toward another dog when he first meets them, but once he is slowly allowed to greet and sniff he has been very friendly. Because of his size he needs a strong handler. He would love a home where people are at home as he has spent the last 4 months outside in a fenced area and given very little attention because the family was away so much of the time with work and school. He does not like the water. When bathed he did very well once he realized he was tethered, Oberyn will require grooming to keep his coat healthy and to avoid matting. He really enjoys being petted and made over, he will lie with you for hrs soaking up all the attention someone will give him. Oberyn will be a wonderful companion but best with teens and older because of his size. Breed experience would be great, otherwise large breed experience required.