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  Niki, 12 weeks Female Dachshund  Mix

Niki is the last of her litter as she's the smallest. She is currently in a foster home where her foster family says "Niki is such a sweet character who loves her cuddles almost as much as she loves to run around the garden.She chases falling leaves, shadows on the ground and will occasionally try to dig with my larger dog.She loves all types of toys and has now started to hide them. I am finding them in my clean laundry bag, behind cushions and under dog beds.

She is a laugh a minute with her crazy running in circles around the lounge. She plays really well with my dogs and will both chase and be chased. She a quick learner and is doing really well with the "sit" command. She has managed to go for 7 hours overnight in her crate without needing to go out to the bathroom, which is great for such a young dog. She is fine with handling, having a bath, and clipping nails A real sweetheart!

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