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  Marty, 3 Years Male Chi/ Jack Russell  Mix
Marty Marty

Sweet little Marty weighs just 10 lbs. and is about 3 yrs. He came from TN where his days were numbered in a high volume shelter. When he was rescued he had lost at least 50% of his fur due to fleas. His fur has come back and is getting very soft he is a handsome little boy and has done very well in foster. He is house trained and been respectful of the cats and dogs. He greets all the newcomers with a happy tail wag. He loves playing outdoors and wiggles his nose like a little rabbit it's just adorable. From his foster mom: Marty loves to be by his people. Whether we are doing housework or gardening Marty is by our side studying everything that we do. He is incredibly affectionate and smart. He already understands, "stay, come, this way and leave it". Marty is a joy to walk on leash. This is his favorite part of his day and when he sees his harness his face lights up. He strolls with my senior, male dog in the morning. In the evening he strolls several miles with our female pups. Marty loves meeting people on his walks and showers them with kisses. Marty is afraid of bigger dogs and would prefer to stay by his person. He would not be a candidate for doggie day care or dog parks. He has been great with tweens and teens that visit our house. Marty was nervous at first but now enjoys car riding. Marty makes it through the night without any accidents. Because he loves his people so much he prefers to sleep cuddled next to you.