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  Dixie, < 1 year Female Corgi/Boston Terrier/Australian Shepherd (mini)  Mix
Dixie Dixie

Dixie is a beautiful long-haired small mixed breed dog who appears to be a mix of Corgi/Australian Shepherd with Boston Terrier markings and the shape of her head. She was the mom to the six pups who came up on 10/15. She weighs about 18-20 lbs and she is probably 18 inches tall. She is the cutest little thing. She is probably 10 months old. She is standing by a cairn, to give you perspective. Dixie is a Hoot!! She has no issues and is a well balanced dog, but she is used to having people home with her all day -- in and out is okay. She looks like a little mythical creature in the Forest. She had new photos done and she looks large, but that's because they were taken with a powerful camera. She is small, big ears and short legs. She has wispy tufts of fur around her ears and elbows, her head is probably too big for her body, but it all comes together as the cutest little dog you've ever seen. She is 100% house trained using a dog door! She is cat friendly! She loves other dogs and stays busy all day, then comes in and plops down on your lap. She would be great in a home with another playful dog, also would be a good dog park visitor. She is a delightful dog. She is a climber and loves to perch herself up high, usually on the back of the sofa. She is available on 11/7/13.