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  Milton, 3.5 months Male Pointer/Collie/Spaniel  Mix
Milton Milton

Milton is the largest male of his litter, but he is just as gentle and very well behaved. He is the most LAID BACK puppy we have had in a long time. We don't think he will be very large as he was only 15 pounds at 13 weeks. Maybe 45-50 lbs tops. In his litter there are 4 females and 2 males! They were brought to a southern shelter along with two other litters -- all from the same home. Our rescue partners took them in and have fostered them for a number of weeks. These puppies are waiting for their forever homes. They each need a loving adopter who has the time and resources to love and train them. They love the water! They will even play in the water bowl. Milton is waiting for you to adopt him!