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  Mandy, < 10 months Female Australian Shepherd / Cattle Dog  Mix
Mandy Mandy

Mandy is a 7-10 months old 15 lb pup. She is an Australian Shepherd mix and the color of her coat is very exotic. It's called a Merle coloring. She has a naturally bobbed tail and is very loving. She is Basenji-sized. She is not a good dog for a person who is not active as she likes to stay on the go. She is house trained with a dog door and is very comfortable in her crate and she even goes in with the door open to nap. We prefer an adopter who keeps the crate training current as it will allow for a more successful adoption. She plays with all dogs in the foster home -- from puppies to 80 lb dogs. Even with her young age she has taken all the puppies under her wing and has helped to house train them, but she plays with them as we'll. Mandy is a fun dog and would love fly ball or agility class. She is cute and peppy and a lot of fun. She loves life and is full of joy. She would be great at the dog park as well. Ideally she would do best with another playful active dog as she is so social. Mandy was rescued from a shelter in TN and has been in foster for 4 weeks in TN and is arriving soon. She will be available the week ending 6/15/13.