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  Ricco, ~ 4 months Male Min Pin / Pug  Mix
Ricco Ricco

Hi there! My name is Ricco! I am a 4 month old small breed mix puppy who weighs 8 lbs. I'm a little guy but my pictures make me look like a big dog. I am available for adoption now. I am currently being fostered and here is what my foster mom has to say about me: Ricco is a wonderful puppy. He gets along great with my two dogs (a shepherd mix and a terrier mix) and he loves to play, especially "chase" in the back yard, believe it or not he can keep up with my dogs! Ricco is great inside, he is not annoying and can enetertain himself on the floor if he has a few toys or a bone but he also loves to cuddle and snuggle up close to me if I sit on the floor and inivte him over to my lap. Ricco is so quiet in the crate and he sleeps from 10pm til 9am. During the day Ricco won't have accidents inside if I get him out for potty breaks every three hours. Ricco walks very well on leash and doesn't do that annoying puppy chew on the leash as he walks thing. Ricco is very smart when I let him run free in the (fenced) back yard he comes running when I call his name. He has also learned to sit and go in his crate on command so there is no doubt in my mind that finishing his house training and other commands will be super easy. Ricco rides really well in the car, too. Ricco is AWESOME! He is a really good boy, super sweet, friendly,great with dogs and well behaved. He deserves a good, loving furever home soon! His pictures do NOT do him justice. He is SO CUTE and he is really small weighing in at onlly 8 pounds. Ricco overall is a great little guy and deserves a chance at to have a great home! :-) Please come meet me at Save A Dog during their weekend visiting hours or if you fill out an application, during the week by private appointment. Please apply at and click on Apply to Adopt.