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  Carson, 3-4 years Male Yorkie

Carson is a sweet 3 year old Yorkie. His owner was moving and was unable to take him with her. He is very friendly with other dogs and when tested with a cat he was only mildly curious. He is a little guy, under ten pounds, who bonds very easily to new people. He has a lot of energy and very cute playing with his sqeeky toy He is good in the house but has small bladder and needs to go out frequently. He knows his name and responds to it when called. His foster mom says: Can't say enough wonderful things about Carson - he's obedient - comes when you call and doesn't have any desire to run away - walks right by the cat and accepts him just like the rest of the dogs. He's going to want to sleep in your bed, so if there are jealous pets, it could be a problem. We'd hate to see him put in another room as he's a cuddler. He is a quiet yorkie so far, not a barker or whiner. Of course, that could change in a home that reinforces it. He is available around the 21st of May. No phone calls, please. To get a jump on the process, please fill out the online application.