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  Stuart, ~ 5 months Male Redbone Coonhound  Mix

Stuart is a Redbone Coonhound pup. His foster mom in TN says: Stuart is the most gentle, sweet, slow moving puppy I have met. He loves his ears and belly rubbed. He loves to play all day with Carly and then sleep all night with her curled up together on the dog bed. He has been started on a leash, uses the dog door to go out and go to his business. He has not had any accidents in a while, but moving him around to a new situation might set him back. If you show him where to go potty for a week he will figure it all out again. He is very sleepy in the morning and you have to drag him out of bed and take him out the door to go potty first thing. He does get car sick. Loves to go for walks and when it is safe I let him off the leash. He is pretty quiet until he wants a toy or treat from another dog, then his hound dog bark comes out and he will moan and bark until he gets it! Stuart was being given away in front of Walmart along with his sisters. The life of a hunting dog in the south is not pleasant so I took him to give him a better life through Save a Dog!" Stuart will be available around 4/15/13.