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  Kirby, ~ 8 months Male Lab / Terrier  Mix
Kirby Kirby

Kirby is a Lab/Terrier mix who is eight months old and weighs 52 lbs. He is neutered. He is black like a Lab, but has the fuzzy face of a Terrier. Kirby is a dream dog as he is super friendly and he has a very laid back attitude. He is a perfect companion and would love dog parks as he is quite social with other dogs. He plays all day with his foster friends who are both large and small. He is okay with cats but will annoy them because he follows them around. He does this with cats in the foster home until they get tired of it and and then they go after him then he runs away. Kirby should be a great family dog for bigger kids. He has never shown any aggressive behavior, not to animals or people. Kirby was found by animal control as a stray in TN and went to an animal shelter where he quickly became a favorite. Although his time was up, they just could not euthanize him, so they called Save a Dog's TN contact. He has been in foster care for 4 weeks so we know him pretty well. He is still a young dog and should have training to make him the best dog he can be. His foster mom has not heard him bark, ever! I'm sure he can but he just doesn't. He will crate but moans quite a bit, no fussing just pitiful moans. He has been trained with a dog door and has never once had an accident indoors, and he does not lift his leg, indoors or outdoors. Kirby is a treasure and deserves a great home.