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  Pepper, ~ 1.5 years Male Basenji / Terrier  Mix
Pepper Pepper

Pepper is a 17 lb. six to 8 month old pup who is already neutered. He's a mix of several small breeds, we're not really sure what, but does it matter? He's cute and playful and affectionate and friendly. He loves to play with toys and will empty the doggy toy box tossing his stuffed friends all around. He's great at self entertaining, but loves to cuddle up with you as well. He is beyond cute and very petite. His coloring is stunning! He is super playful and would be great with other dogs or kids. He was dumped at a person's house who brought him to rescue. He is housebroken, gets along well with cats, loves to run and play with the other dogs. He walks on a leash and loves attention. He has a lot of energy and would probably do best with some room to run and play. Pepper would make a fantastic agility dog as he is very smart and would love the challenge. His foster mom says of him: Pepper sleeps in his crate at night and is quiet until you let him out in the morning. He is not wild about going into his crate as he prefers to be with you. He snuggles next to you on the couch with his head burrowed under your arm for naps when he is tired of playing with all his toys. He has been having play dates with a 8 month old lab and the lab gets tired before Pepper does. This is after he has been for an hour walk. He is quiet in the house and is a good watch dog in the yard. He is very friendly and wants to greet everyone on our walks both human and canine. He does guard his bones a tad. He is very affectionate. He now knows sit and down and is totally housebroken. I have had no accidents or problems in that department.