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  Sam, 4 years Male Chinese Crested
Sam Sam

Sam is a 4 year old "hairy" hairless Chinese Crested Dog. He is an owner surrender and is a big Crested weighing about 18 lbs. He can pick up a tennis ball in his mouth. He likes to toss a ball around and play with it. He is a love and likes walking on his leash and when at the vet children came in and he loved them, His last owner gave him up when she got a Boxer puppy and said he does not want to share his persons lap. He is fine with the resident dogs at the foster home, though and runs around playing with them. He just wants to be the only lap dog, and rightfully so. He will sit beside you and likes to be real close. He will beg for food, but will give up and go lay down. He loves the raw diet, which is the best diet for a Crested. His teeth are great and he's pretty healthy. He's sensitive to vaccines so will need a holistic protocol and an adopter who can take him to a holistic vet or stand up to a traditional vet who might try to push extra vaccines on him. He is already up to date on the core vaccines. Like any hairless breed, he will need clothes in the cooler weather, but he loves to go naked in the summer. He is available after his health exam on 8/24 but is in a foster home so needs to have a private appointment.