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  Spencer, ~ 1 year Male Lab / Irish Setter  Mix
Spencer Spencer

Spencer is a ~ 1 year old male Lab/Irish Setter mixed breed. He weighs around 24 lbs. He is very, very sweet. He gets along with all dogs at his foster home, but loves people the best, he closes his eyes while being petted like he thinks he is dreaming. He has had no accidents at his foster's home and uses the dog door. Spencer is very good, not mouthy or jumpy. He was picked up by animal control in TN. He was adopted but the people (which is why he is neutered already) did not want him after all, and never came back for him. So lucky for him, he will get to find a new family that will really love him, and he will return that love a thousand times over. His foster mom says: I picked up Spencer from the local Animal Shelter. He was so sweet and well behaved, I could not resist him. He loves to be pet and have his neck and ears scratched. He will put his head back, close his eyes and just enjoy the attention. Spencer seems to like people more than dogs. When all the dogs are out playing, he will be laying in the house watching me. He does go out and play at times, but not as much as the other dogs do.Spencer is a very mellow quiet and gentle dog. I think one other dog for him to be a buddy with would be fine for him. He sleeps in the house every night, he has had one potty accident in 2 weeks. Uses the doggy door, walks on a leash, loves his walks. Rides in the car, he will try and climb in the car. Some dogs seem to make him nervous, he will bark and growl at certain dogs, I have never seen him act aggressive, it is all show. He eats out of the same pan along with 6 other puppies and he is fine, he does not want to share his treats though. The puppies climb all over him and he just lays there and lets them bite him.He has not been around cats or children, but he is a pup so might be just fine. We'll leave that up to the Save A Dog adoption counselors. He is available around the end of July.