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  Taylor, ~ 6 years old Female Lab/Basset  Mix

Taylor is a really nice Lab/Basset mix who is looking for a great home. She was recently turned in along with her sister, Jordan. They are friendly dogs who were on the wrong food, so needed to lose a few pounds and they are doing GREAT. They are 6 year old Lab mixes who were rescued as puppies. They are sisters from the same litter. They have never been separated, but if the only way they can be adopted is separately, then we are willing to go that route and talk about visitations with each other. Update from their foster: If you have always wanted Black labs but not the high energy that comes with that breed, these girls (ladies) are for you. Both are overweight thru no fault of their own- they obviously have been fed from the table and wait for food scraps (I am guessing lots of pizza and pasta), they are learning to eat right and with exercise will trim down over time. Taylor is the larger one who looks most like a lab- she is a lady- polite (waiting for an invitation before going out or coming in) loving, calm and quiet- no roughhousing for her, she loves to be brushed and pampered, gazes lovingly into your eyes, gently asks (with her paw) for more petting from you. Taylor shows no aggression whatsoever toward man or beast (my cats). Unlike most labs she has no interest in balls, but loves her bully stick! Most happy lying at your feet wherever you are. Jordan is the tomboy of the two! She looks at first to be Lab, but shorter, her legs are more like Basset or Corgi. She is sweet just like her sister, but more adventurous, she too loves attention and happy to be with you wherever.... but she will leave your side to investigate and will pick up a scent of a rabbit or squirrel and then she is off on the hunt. Luckily for the critters she is not super fast, but her short legs will run as fast as they can!! Both sisters are crate trained and know and understand all that is asked of them:no, sit, come, move, etc., they are great with children- all ages (Mykids-11yrs., 4yrs and 6 months- all the kids love them and so gentle) I have no worries placing with children and know they will be loved by all. We hope someone will adopt both as they truly love each other and if one cries out or barks- the other goes immediately to help or lend support. These Ladies/Sisters are EASY dogs- and so quiet- they do not demand anything, they trust you and just want love and will give back so much. It would be great if they could stay together, but we will consider placing them separately. We will provide free food for six months to the right adopter. Someone needs to have a big heart and know that they will trim down with the right food and exercise. They are available now.