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  Candy, ~ 18 months Female Beagle / Whippet / Basenji?  Mix

Candy is a ~12-18 month old small mix who weighs about 30 lbs. Candy is a super sweet and easy going dog. She has gotten along really well with all the other dogs she's fostered with. She sniffs the bunny that we have rescued but does not seemed to be all that interested in it. She's also great with cats. She and the other dogs will play and play until they drop. She loves to go for walks and as soon as she sees the leash being picked up she is at your feet. Candy is a collecter of the toys. She manages to find all the toys and has them in a pile in the middle of the floor before you can blink an eye. Her favorite items are the many bones that are in the toy basket. She has no problem letting the other dogs or humans take a toy from the pile even if she is sitting with her pile of treasures. She loves to chase bugs and will catch them in her mouth. Candy is house trained. She does not mind her crate. She will go into her crate when you tell her to go in with no problem. Candy will sit for cookies and sit and wait before going through the door for a walk. She is very smart and agile, and would do really great with agility training. History on Candy; She was on the euthanisa list at the Cumberland County Shelter in TN and when we were there she just captured our hearts; the voluteers could not say enough good stuff about her, and they were not wrong! Update from her foster: Candy is a cuddle bug- she is quite happy curling up beside me resting her head on my lap and gazing lovingly up at my face. She minds very well and knows basic commands. She comes fast to a whistle and gets down when I ask her to. She barks in a soft bark not very often, usually when she hears something or someone approaching- but not for long- sort of an announcement... not aggressively. She likes to eat with the pack and not alone. She watches everything I do and usually comes along with me as I go about doing my chores. Candy has not gone upstairs yet- not from anything I have said- she watches me go up and waits for me to come down. She plays great with the big dogs and will race about for a bit- she settles down nicely. She travels great in the car- walks well on the leash. No accidents in the house at all. She is very respectful of the cats and has gone nose to nose without incident!! Candy does like to dig in the yard but with supervision and something to play with she stops. Candy loves her bully sticks and balls- she is a great chaser and brings them back for more. So smart.She greets all at the door with a wag and waits to get petted, loves belly rubs and kisses.Candy is a calm, gentle and loving girl-easily could have fun at an agility course with her new family. If you would like to meet her, please fill out an application so that we can bring her to the shelter for you to meet her.